our favorite event of the year

Welcome back to our favorite event of the year for our team of Volleyball Vampires, the annual Halloween Volleyball Blood Drive.  As you know, this is our biggest event to build up our blood reserves ahead of the annual feast after the match.

A few rules as usual:

1. Make sure you let fans know not to be scared when the lights go off after the autograph session and the flashing lights, screams and blood are all part of the show even though we know better.

2. Our human servants will lock the doors before the end of the last set so no one can leave.

3. Make sure you feed on the opposing team first, so the fans think it’s part of the show.

4. Do NOT turn any new vampires again this year, we already have a full team.

5. Please make sure you finish the feast before 3AM so our human servants have enough time to clean the facility after the event.

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NOTICE: This is for a class project and is fictitious.  This is NOT real and is only for illustrative purposes.